Nao Technologies is a world-leading manufacturer of switching mode power supplies with wide range of industries including measurement instrument, chemical analyzer, medical equipment, telecom and industrial equipment. We offer mostly custom designed Power Supplies, which help provide customer satisfaction with high quality.

Nao Technologies was founded on July 2000, and is operating by a dedicated and experienced management team that is focused on total customer satisfaction, and on the goal of being the international manufacturer of switching power supplies.

Nao Technologies quality system is based on ISO 9001 & TQM (Total Quality Management), and all of our products are certified to the latest safety and regulatory agency requirements.

Our success at Nao Technologies depends completely on customer satisfaction, providing exceptional total service and quality products that are delivered on time, and at a competitive price. Quality, Delivery, Price, Flexibility and our commitment to service, these are Nao Technologies’ key elements for achieving total customer satisfaction.